Sunday, 18 August 2013

Well, how was Results Day for you?

My daughter’s A Level results were online at 7am.  She did very well – very proud of her – but did drop one grade (only by 2 UMS!!), so we then had a nail-biting half hour wait until UCAS Track came up at 7.30am.  The university confirmed her place despite the dropped grade, so major relief all round!!  I could then go off to work to deal with other students whose situations weren’t so happy.

There seem to have been a lot more places available through Clearing this year, even at top universities, but the Student Number Controls have meant that some students just missed out on their place despite getting a points-equivalent or more (I saw one student on Thurs who’d got A* A* C, but the university wouldn’t accept him because he missed getting the B for his Maths).

If your son/daughter is still looking for a university place see for places available and see my previous blog for the Helpline details.

Back home, my daughter quickly received her accommodation offer by email.  Unfortunately none of the options she’d put down on her application, but it would seem that swaps are possible a couple of weeks into term if it really doesn’t work out.  There was a 7 day reply window (another argument for not being away on holiday with no internet access!).

A little later she heard from her friend (currently at Soul Survivor) that she’d also got her place confirmed at the same uni, so that’s really lovely.

I’m thinking that enrolment information will also come fairly soon.  Certainly my older daughter’s enrolment was all done online (not like our day – I remember queuing to do this on campus in the first few days).
The other thing to do this week, I think, is to get the student bank account set up.  Banks need proof of the confirmed university place, but I’m thinking we should check which banks are on campus as that might be an advantage.  If you’re also at this stage, check the deals online (eg free railcards etc), but for the best up to date advice go to

So in celebration of the confirmed university place, yesterday we had a jolly day out at Ikea and got kitchen stuff, bedding a good number of other things that weren’t actually on the list (as you do!), though it has to be said, it wasn’t all for her…

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.    Proverbs 3:5-6

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