Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Well what a lot has happened since my last blog….

End of March and it snowed today for the first time this winter – I’ve decided to light the fire…

Here we are almost at the end of term – although strangely no one’s holiday periods are quite the same, but we will at least all be at home for Holy Week, even if not all on holiday.

This year’s annual trip to the UCAS Convention once more starts off the next round of deliberations and applications.  And much deliberation is also going on in the world of higher education as institutions wonder what the advent of linear A Levels might mean for their recruitment strategies a few years down the line.

Daughter number 1 unexpectedly came home last weekend and it was so lovely to have some quality time together.  A rare treat.  People say to me things like “oh isn’t it nice to have peace and quiet at home now?”  and I think, well, we have got used to it being just the two of us, but actually I really look forward to them coming home – they bring home so much life and energy (not to mention the new on-trend words which we then attempt to use ourselves just to wind them up!!).  Her need for flat mates may finally be resolving – I am trying to be patient and leave it in God’s hands.  The work placement is at a similar point.

Meanwhile daughter number 2’s accommodation is basically sorted. But how do you unload all the stuff when the house is right on a double yellow line?!  That could definitely be a challenge.  But challenge is what we thrive on, isn’t it?  I was trying to explain to my Mum the other day all the intricacies of collecting ‘stuff’ and then getting ‘stuff’ back after Easter and all the comings and goings in between.  She said it sounded familiar.  Yes, they did all this sort of thing for me, too.  And they waited for the end of term and for holidays and for family times together.

So, as we wait for the girls, we will also…

Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.                           Psalm 27:14


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